Why Kids Under Chiropractic Excel


Why Kids Under Chiropractic Excel

Dr. Sean Gimbert:

Let’s go over one of the most common questions we get here. And that is, “why in the world should I get my child’s spine checked?”

So we’ve got the neck, the mid back and the low back here.We know that over ninety percent of kids are actually born with a problem in the verb in their upper neck. And that happens because the birth process can be very traumatic in a lot of cases.
So if the spine shifts out of its normal alignment in the upper neck. One of the things that happens is the circulation alignment is gonna be affected. The heart isn’t gonna be able to send blood up to the brain at a hundred percent.
And that’s because there’s two arteries that run within each vertebra of the neck. All the way up to the network of arteries in the brain.

So when the circulation decreases like that, we can have problems like attention if the kids going to school. We can have things like, “Oh, I’m, I’m not quite there,” my child seems a little foggy. He’s not as sharp as he was before. That can all happen if the circulation is decreased because of the shift in the neck.

Another common thing that can develop abnormally is the digestive system. And the digestive system has to have a hundred percent nerve airflow going from the brain down to say the stomach, the intestines, in order to digest the food; in order to have the right acid chemical balance to break down the food. And if that doesn’t happen, we can have things like constipation show up.

We can have problems with food sensitivities that show up in these kids, and that’s not something we ever want. We want a hundred percent flow going to each of those organs. Another thing we might see is colic in babies. And that can be because the spine and the the body around the spine is just irritated. And the the babies are just telling us in the only way that we can- The only way that they can communicate to us. Saying, “Hey, mom, hey dad, I’m not feeling that great. We can also see that in a lot of times.

if the spine out of normal alignment we’re gonna have problems in the ears, OK? Specifically in these Eustachian tubes. In adults, they’re angled like this. But kids, they’re much more shallow, almost horizontal and fluid can build up in this area and get trapped and not be able to drain properly. And we see it time and time again, when we adjust the spine and we’re able to correct problems with each vertebra, that this flow is restored and the ears are able to function like they should.

So these are just a couple examples of how we wanna keep kids from developing abnormally and have that vibrant life that they deserve.

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