What To Do After A Car Accident


What To Do After A Car Accident: Small Damages ≠ Small Injuries

Dr. Sean Gimbert:

Hey! It’s Doctor Gimbert here. Today we’re gonna be talking about what exactly gonna to do after a car accident, regardless of what your insurance company might have told you. And specifically, we’re gonna be talking about the concept that even though you might have had small damages to your vehicle that doesn’t necessarily mean we can only have a small injury to the body. K?

There can be many different structures within the body that can be impacted can be damaged after a low impact or a low speed collision. A lot of people call it just a fend bender. One of the things that can be injured, of course, most importantly is going to be the ligaments. And they give integrity to the spine- it allows us to have motion.

But if we have a sprain or even a torn ligament that allows excess motion that’s going to lead to further
damage and further degeneration. And these can be very, very painful. They can happen in a small accident. The next thing that can be affected of course, going along with that is the joints. As the l are affected the joints are going to be rubbing together potentially or irritated leading to pain discomfort.

Of course we can also Injure the muscles, straining it or even tearing muscles, which is very painful as well. And the nerve system, the nerves, they can actually be irritated which can lead to tingling, irritation, shooting, radiating pains down the arms down the legs even after a small injury, a small accident.

And to give you an idea for me, personally, when we get to tell you a story. When I was in school, I was rear ended, so I stopped at a stoplight. It was on a Sunday morning getting ready to go to church and wham! Someone rear ends my truck.
And this guy was so out of it, he had chocolate running town his face because he decided to take a bite of his candy bar instead of watching the road in front of him.

Now the interesting thing is that there was only tiny, tiny injury or a tiny damage to the bumper of my car. That’s the only thing you could have noticed. And it almost was minor enough to just rub out. But after that, that was the first time ever had low back pain. And did it happen right after the accident? No. It actually took thirty days for me to start feeling some pain in my back.

And that’s why it’s so important that if you have insurance why not get checked out? We can help you, to make sure that you don’t have any injuries to these start here. And in Florida, at the time of making this video, we’ve got fourteen days that you can use in order to go to a health professional to make sure that you don’t have any injuries.

So think about this, and be sure to get checked, get evaluated after every accident so that we keep you healthy for the long term.

Thanks for watching!

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