While we understand that no one will have perfect structure, we also realize that there is a normal range. Just as there are normal ranges for blood pressure and cholesterol, there are normal ranges for your body and spine. We live within normal ranges for many things in our lives.  Take your car for example.  If something is abnormal, how would you know? Fortunately, the check engine light would come on to alert you that something is out of the normal range. This is because your car’s sensors alert you when the car is functioning outside of a normal range.

Your body uses a very similar method to alert you when something is abnormal. Unfortunately we do not have a sensor light to tell us what is wrong, but your body CAN tell us that something is wrong when looking for the right things.  When a Structural Shift occurs in the spine, it can manifest through many different symptoms. These symptoms called [“Secondary Conditions”- insert hyperlink to secondary symptoms page] alert you that there is an abnormality in your body. These secondary conditions are much like the sensor light on your car’s dash.  Turning off the light will not solve the problem, but only when identifying and correcting the CAUSE of problem.  The same goes for Structural Shifts of the spine and body.  This is why at New Spring Chiropractic we focus on correcting the primary Structural Shift that is causing secondary conditions.


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