Text Neck Pain

We were born to move; its a part of life. From the instant a baby learns to crawl, its world opens up to new possibilities of exploration. As we develop, this ability grows to power our limbs to climb the proverbial (or literal) mountain and reach new heights. Inevitably, the climbing and conquering leads to scrapes and bumps from the journey.

At some point, more than likely when you were in the growth stage of your life, you may have done something small that caused a minor shift in your spine. As kids and teenagers, we are active and typically bounce back from injuries – or so we think.

More often than not, those little injuries have left behind minor shifts or displacements.

If those minor shifts or displacements are not corrected, they eventually progress – usually without pain until later in life. You may have heard the expression, ‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree,’ – well, if you think about that expression, it contains a lot of truth.

Life is also made of little and big decisions. Our office often sees the effects of repetitive behaviors that result in serious consequences. Flexing your neck forward to read a text, check your social media post or change a music selection places the spine in a position of stress. People who sit a lot progressively shift their spines out of alignment – thus leading to a large variety of problems.

Below is one of many possible recommendations our doctors may prescribe to correct text neck and neck stiffness.


Text neck pain can develop in children as well as adults.

Think about it like this; If I drive my brand new vehicle down a road that has potholes, day after day, there’s a very good chance that I could do some damage to the frame. Right?
  Do you think that frame damage could cause secondary problems like asymmetrical wear on your tires…rattling inside the car…the car pulling toward one direction, etc.?

It’s no different when thinking about the spine.  We do things over and over again that challenge our spines. Those disruptions lead to shifts or displacements, and those displacements lead to a series of secondary problems that include pain, muscle spasm and stiffness that must be addressed to restore normal health.


Text neck pain and damage from repetitive stress does not have to be something you live with.  If suffering with similar health concerns, an examination by one of our doctors can determine if we are able to help.


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