Things are not always as they appear.  Even though someone or something may appear to be fit or healthy from the outside, looks can be deceiving. This is often true of pain conditions and headache.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “his/ her mood is just a facade”? You know, that someone who acts like they are always on top of the world in public, but once they are out of the spotlight, they behave completely different? Or to be more literal, the storefront that appears to be made of stone anchored in the ground but in reality is faux rock plastered to plywood backing. It appears to be sturdy, but meets a dismal fate when a major storm tests its limits. We just recently witness this truth with the powerful winds and rain of Hurricane Matthew here in Palm Coast. Well, our bodies can play a similar trick on us as well if we aren’t careful.

The complexities of our inner working are amazing and humbling. With each passing year, we understand more and more about the delicate balance of health and sickness, the Ying and Yang of life. All wish to be healthy in function and feeling, but our understanding of treating and eliminating conditions have been a continual evolution. One such is in the cause and relief of headaches.

For instance, think of an apple. We used to buy an apple and be able to simply say It’s an apple. Not anymore. Now we have organic, non-organic, genetically modified, and so on. So even though you think you’re buying a Plane Jane Apple from the store, you could be getting into something different under the skin.

You may be thinking, “What does this have to do with my headache in Palm Coast?” Though headaches may appear to be similar from the outside, careful attention must be taken not to incorrectly diagnose the cause of a headache. Your health and money could be on the line.

We can gather much about a person’s health from looking at them from the outside. One of our exam tools utilizes information gathered from objective markers based on a person’s outside appearance or Status. This is an important factor linking our findings with a person’s concerns or health goals. But this is not sufficient for a thorough and complete exam. We must look at the integrity and function of the inside structures in order to have a more complete understanding. Attention to detail is key. This is why we use advanced imaging when necessary.

Research now suggests that significant headaches are an indicator of diminished or poor brain health. If you are suffering from regular headaches, there may be an underlying structural cause that needs to be addressed. If true, it is possible your nerves and blood vessels may be functioning at a level that is insufficient to keep up with your bodies demand for oxygen and biologic processes.

If this sounds like what you’re going through currently, we would be happy to discuss your concerns and our care options. Consider contacting New Spring Chiropractic in Palm Coast for Headache Relief now.

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