Patient Testimonial: Improved Breathing, Sleep, Neck, Low Back


Better Sleep with Chiropractic

Dr. Sean Gimbert:  It’s Doctor Sean at New Spring Chiropractic. I’ve got my friend, Chris here today. He wanted to share with you Some of the good news and good things have been happening in the office. So let’s start with tell everybody about this repetitive motion injury that you had that brought you in here.

Chris: It was my neck, turning to the left into the right, more or less to the left. And coming here, I’ve learned my back has had some problems and my neck is definitely getting better.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: l started because of the type of occupation here.

Christ: Right.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: So what are you doing throughout the day? Lifting?

Chris: I’m doing a lot of turning, lifting. Yes.  And the majority of it is the turning the my neck back and forth behind

Dr. Sean Gimbert: So tell me, what made you…Let’s start with this: What did you try first to try to take care of the neck issue in the limited motion?

Chris: Heating pads, ice packs, stretching. And none of it of seemed be working, so that’s where I ended up calling you.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: And you were doing that for what, like, a solid month. Or so before…

Chris: Probably a little more than a month.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: Okay. Is there anything you want to tell people? What were you apprehensive about before coming here?

Chris: You watch the videos of some of these chiropractors that are really…You see the cracks you hear the pops and kinda deter you from it, but I don’t have any issue with it now.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: We do things differently here.

Chris: Right Yeah. It’s not that whatyou see on those videos.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: So we started with a set of X-rays, right? Yep. And we did a careful exam.

Chris: Yeah.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: And now let’s fast forward. We’re in to care almost a month now. So yeah tell me tell us some differences.

Chris: So just after the first couple of sessions, I just noticed I able to breathe easier. Breathing easier, I’m sleeping better the neck is definitely loosened up and I feel like I’m standing up straighter, and it has made a difference.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: And then you also mentioned a little
bit about your low back. but it was something that he didn’t even tell me about in the beginning.

Chris: It was kind of a below the surface. That was not the priority. My neck was the main priority and over a few sessions my back. It’s helped my sleep too low back has gotten better even though we’re just working in the upper area here. Right? Starting focus on the low back.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: Anything else that you want to tell people?

Chris: Come see him! He will make you feel lot better. Trust me!

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