Are you or someone you know currently dealing with shoulder pain in Palm Coast or the area?  The experience of a painful shoulder can be caused by different reasons, but they all result in a loss of function and doing the things you love to do on a daily basis.  Whether you’re a professional athlete or mother of two, we all need properly functioning shoulders to perform most every task.   But did you know that our office is specially prepared to diagnose and care for various shoulder conditions?

The shoulder joint is an amazing structure that allows us to reach, cast, stretch, and rotate our arms in every direction.  But when a structural displacement occurs in the joint, for example, the nerves that are within and around the shoulder joint can become compressed and irritated.  This can result in the pain you or your loved one is feeling.

There are other things that can cause shoulder pain as well.  Let’s say you traveled far away from Palm Coast, shoulder pain free, and stayed at a friend’s house.  They were gracious enough to open their doors, but had no proper bed on which to sleep.  No problem, they have a couch with some throw pillows.  WRONG!  The next morning, the shoulder you slept on now is in pain.  But what caused this to happen?

A common cause of shoulder pain is a problem with the alignment of the neck.  If your neck is abnormally aligned to a significant degree, nerves controlling the shoulder that originate from the neck can become irritated and cause referred pain.  This type of pain is due to a problem from a bodily tissue (your neck in this case) that makes you feel pain elsewhere (your shoulder).  This can happen from a heart attack too.  Men who are having a heart attack often develop pain traveling down their arm. Although the arm is in fact healthy, it shares common nerves that tells the brain there is pain in the arm too.

Another possible source of shoulder pain comes from the ribs.  Your rib cage has 12 pairs of ribs, one on each side.  These ribs are very strong and can withstand a lot of pressure.  But the alignment of the ribs can shift due to stress and trauma from various activities.  A hard hit from a game of football or other contact sports can affect a rib’s alignment.   A rib that is structurally displaced from its normal position cannot function correctly.  If a rib’s normal movement is impaired for long enough, a painful rib syndrome can develop.  This pain syndrome, if developed due to an upper rib, can cause referred pain to the shoulder.

The only way to definitively know the primary cause of shoulder pain in Palm Coast is with a detailed exam.  If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for corrective chiropractic care, please let us know.  We would be happy to discuss your health history and our unique approach.


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