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If you are dealing with a condition and are tired of your current health, we want to help fix your problems if you can be helped by our services. While many offices require you to make an appointment for an exam before seeing a doctor, New Spring Chiropractic is different.  We offer two easy ways to see if we can help with your problems.

Our most popular way to talk to the doctor is by attending a 20-30 minute group presentation at our office that functions as your introduction into Structural Chiropractic and its possible benefits to your health.  You will get any and all of your questions answered including questions on care duration, insurance, finances and anything else that your are curious about. If you would like to attend a group presentation to learn about Structural Chiropractic, then contact our office at (386)-227-7534 and let them know that you want to attend our introductory presentation.

You may also schedule a Complementary Consultation with the doctor which typically takes 15-20 minutes. At that time we can continue on to your examination if you choose, but there is never any obligation attached to our Complimentary Consultation. We always schedule an exam block after our consultations so that you have the freedom to continue into an exam without the hassle of trying to squeeze an exam into your schedule.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk to a doctor about Structural Chiropractic Care, either book an appointment request online or fill out your info below to request a complimentary consultation.  A consultation is simply a conversation, never a commitment.

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