Restless Legs Improved with Chiropractic


Restless legs Improved with Chiropractic. Plus, improved sleep, less allergies, and no more neck pain or low back pain.

Frank: Hi I’m Frank. This is my wife Connie Santana. Well, when I first came here, I was noticing that I had this real sharp bothersome some pain in my left shoulder when I rode my motorcycle. And if I rode it for any length of time, then it would just bother me. It got to the point where if I rode my bike with my head tilted to the side, you would kinda go away, but it felt kinda weird and so Connie told me about you as chiropractor. I said,  “Well, let’s give him a try”.  So when I came here and, you know, slowly but surely, the pain started to go away to the point where now, I don’t feel it at all! I can ride my bike from here to or Orlando or wherever. [The pain] is gone. No doubt, it’s gone.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: So within a matter of weeks [the pain was gone]?

Frank: It took probably…Yeah. About three to four weeks, three or four weeks and [the pain] was pretty much gone. Yeah.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: Okay. And you Connie, what initially brought you in??

Connie: I was having back issues back issues. I couldn’t do very much, I couldn’t..

Frank: She couldn’t carry my anymore [laughter] She couldn’t carry me anymore.

Connie: I couldn’t do the vacuum cleaner very much because my back that and what was it? My sinuses was another thing and my restless legs. I mean, that was he [Frank] knows, sleepless nights for weeks, and I’m like, and I would sleep two… maybe two hours at most and I would feel real tired. And then I thought, “I got to go to a chiropractor, and that’s what I did. And within two weeks already, I was… my wrist pain was gone practically, right?

Frank: Pretty much!

Connie: Oh, my back my lower back guy doesn’t bother me at all, unless I carry my grandson. That’s it. And that was it. I think what I had up problem with my shoulder, my arm going numb but that’s all gone! It’s all gone!

Dr. Sean Gimbert: No more numbness either?

Connie: No more numbness, no more back pain and my restless legs are gone!

Connie: I also remember I came here a few months ago, I had a bad cold, so I had called and I said, are you sure you want me to come in because I wasn’t feeling so well. Boy, by the time I got home, I was feeling fine! So it helps keep your immune system up. Yes. Most definitely.

Frank: And you don’t have to take our word for it. Just bring your back and your issues here and they will be able to tell.

Connie: It’s [New Spring Chiropractic] is a great place.

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