With all the options available in healthcare today, we are often asked what makes Structural Correction a good choice for certain conditions like low back pain. There are many reasons why we are unique, but a major reason is the analysis we provide on each and every person we see in our office.  A test can never be useful without high accuracy, and is vital when dealing with health issues.  This begins with a detailed analysis to find out exactly where the source of the problem is coming from.  The doctors at New Spring Chiropractic will find out whether the location of pain or discomfort is the source of pain or if the problem is caused is coming from somewhere else.

If pain happens in one place, but is caused by a problem in another area, this is called referred pain.  A common example of this can happen during a heart attack.  “What is a common symptom for males having a heart attack?”  A male may have pain in his arm, but the pain is not coming from his arm in this case.  The heart of the problem (pun intended) is the heart organ itself, not the arm.  low back pain can also have referred pain.  In our office, sometimes the pain is caused by problems in the low back, from another area, or multiple areas that contribute to the overall pain felt by an individual.

One of the ways we can develop a better understanding of an individual’s source of low back pain or neck pain is with our on-site imaging facility.  Through our digital analysis, we are able to create a three-dimensional recreation of the area of concern and form what is called a Vector. This vector, a specific point in space with a directional component, allows us to perform very precise and gentle care. We call it image-guided adjustments.

The benefits of added precision typically equates to less visits, faster recovery, and longer relief after the corrections have taken place.  Plus, objectively measuring different health parameters allows the doctor to track a person’s progress throughout care without any guessing involved.

Just like an acrobatic plane or high speed dragster requires fine tuning to achieve top performance, so does your body. Anything less could mean big or small setbacks in your life So, “will you settle for anything less than precision when dealing with low back pain?”


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