Our bodies are amazing in the capabilities they possess to grow, heal, and maintain the delicate balance of live. We live, move, and exist in our bodies. One of the intelligent ways our bodies function is through our nerves. Grey’s anatomy states, “The nervous system controls and coordinates all function in the body”. This means that the meal you ate this morning could not be digested without your nerves. It even goes as deep as the cellular level. Our nerves act like a network of connections that allows our brain to talk to your cells, tissues, and organs.

Some messages sent by the nerves are perceivable by our thoughts (ie, our 5 senses), while others are not. Just know your nerves are always working. Thinking again about that morning meal you had: did you have to concentrate on sending thoughts to your stomach and intestines to digest your food? Of course not! Your body knew you ate food because of receptors in your digestive system. These receptors communicated with your brain, and your brain responded with another message guiding the chemical process of breaking down and absorbing the nutrients in the food.   This beautiful symphony of communication is possible with your Autonomic Nervous System, autonomic meaning automatic and out of your conscious control.

But sometimes, we do feel things thanks to our nervous system. This is because of the other type of nerves that do relay sensations to our brain.   The unwelcome effects of these nerves have been felt by many, whether falling on the beach here in Palm Coast and having pain in your knee as a result, or something serious like a pinched nerve. But, while not something we want to feel, how worse would it be if we had no sense of pain at all? There is a name for that: Congenital Insensitivity to pain.

You may be thinking, “I certainly wouldn’t miss the pain I’m feeling right now! Sign me up for no pinched nerve!” But this natural alarm system has a vital function. We wouldn’t know when we are damaging our body and could keep injuring something till it was completely worn out or do something that is life-threatening. This would be horrible for a young person.   While not feeling the pain of one thing, you couldn’t know if you broke a bone, burnt your hand, or sliced your hand on glass, for example.

The excellent thing to remember is that there is help if you are suffering from pain like a pinched nerve. New Spring Chiropractic sees conditions on a regular basis caused by nerve irritation, and our focus allows detailed investigation into what could be causing the pain. So if you feel like your internal alarm system has gone haywire, we would love to talk to you about your concerns and our care options.

Thank you for taking initiative in your health and learning about your amazing body. Feel free to share any comments below!

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