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Can migraines be helped with Chiropractic care?

Is there such a thing as a Migraine Chiropractor? And can they help with pain that occurs from acute and chronic migraines?

Migraine is the second most common type of headache, affecting both children and adults. Women are three times more likely to suffer from a migraine. Migraines also run in families. We seek to answer the question can a migraine chiropractor help with you problem?

They have a mild onset and then gradually gets worse. Symptoms often associated with a migraine can include headache, nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and noise, and an aura.

25% of migraine sufferers have an aura with their migraine.

An aura is the feeling right before the migraine starts and can last up to an hour, which 25% of patients will experience. Some common triggers for migraines are stress, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, lack of food, weather changes, bright lights, loud sounds, alcohol, and certain foods or drinks.

Migraines develop when there are changes in blood flow in the brain, which causes pain in or around the head. It occurs when the 5th cranial nerve is stimulated, which sends pain signals from the eyes, scalp, forehead, and jaw to the brain. This will lead to a release of substances that cause painful irritation in the blood vessels of the brain, brainstem, and the surrounding tissues. This irritation is responsible for the throbbing headache, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Even though migraines are not life threatening, they can have a major impact on one’s productivity and quality of life.

The patient reported on in this study was a 52-year-old female suffering from chronic migraines/headaches with back, arm, and leg pain for over 20 years!  That’s a long time! Her quality of life was declining, and prescription medication did not help her.

The chiropractor examined her and found structural shifts in her neck, mid and low back. These structural shifts can lead to obstruction of the spinal nerves.  These obstructions are called vertebral subluxations, or misalignments. Spinal subluxations are what chiropractors are trained to gently correct.

The woman was adjusted by the chiropractor and she experienced dramatic improvement in her migraines following care.

Furthermore, the study’s authors called for additional research to investigate the clinical implications of chiropractic in this population of patients.

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reference: The Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Paraspinal Pain Concomitant with Left-Sided Upper and Lower Extremity Radiculopathy and Headaches. Walter Hickman, D.C. & Joel Alcantara, D.C. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~June 3, 2019~ Pages 79-82.