Do you or someone you know take aspirin on a regular basis for the prevention of disease? The answer is likely yes. The benefits of aspirin and the compounds contained in it it have been extensively studied. The result of digesting aspirin creates salicylic acid (SA). This is the active component contained in aspirin that helps decrease inflammation and can help cells from becoming cancerous. The fact though, is that nature is full of foods containing SA that fight cancer cells naturally!

Salicylic acid is found abundantly in fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices contain the highest concentrations. Chili powder, paprika, and turmeric contain significant amount of SA, but cumin provides more than any other spice. It has been determined that eating a teaspoon of cumin is like taking a baby aspirin! Plus, cumin has none of the potentially harmful side effects of aspirin.

Cumin is a powerful spice that can help prevent uncontrolled cell growth.

Cumin is a spice that is commonly found in Eastern foods including Indian cuisine. Studies done on Indian culture an incidence of cancer is astounding. Indian populations, who eat substantial amount of spices containing SA have much lower rates of colorectal cancer that is ascribed in part to high exposure to dietary SA throughout life from eating spices.

It is important to note that vegetables also contain other important organic acids that behave in similar ways to Salicylic acid.  Enough emphasis cannot not be put on the positive effects of a diet rich in vegetables.

Protection from cancer begins with healthy lifestyle choices. First and foremost, get adjusted when recommended by your doctor. The body cannot function optimally without proper alignment. Be sure to reach for organic vegetables and whole grains over processed alternatives, and consider adding these spices to your recipes to fight cancer cells naturally.



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