Feel Better Naturally with Chiropractic


Feel better naturally with Chiropractic

Dr. Sean Gimbert: Hi. I’m Doctor Sean Gimbert.

Dr. Allison Gimbert: And I’m Doctor Allison Gimbert of new spring Chiropractic.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: And it’s a pleasure as you’re watching our video today. Are you sick and tired of not feeling your best?
Is pain, getting in the way of your everyday life? Is it limiting your ability to work affecting your ability to go to the gym and reach your fitness goals? Maybe you’re a stay at home mom and it’s limiting your ability to pick up and care for your children. Whatever the case may be- maybe it’s neck pain, migraines, headaches, low back pain. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a hernia or bulging disc. Whatever the name condition may be.here at new spring chiropractic, we take a conservative approach. To those treatments and always put your care first.

Dr. Allison Gimbert: Do you really wanna be taking those prescription drugs or be getting needle injections that just…
Cover up the problem, or even winding up a surgery, doctor Sean and I can attest that after seeing hundreds upon hundreds of cases similar to this, that your making a great decision to get care here because we know that we can help you feel better than you were before. And whenever you come in, it’s easy. You won’t have to wait, the paperwork is simple, we have all the insurance questions covered for you. Or maybe you don’t have insurance- maybe it was a car crash or work injury or maybe you’re a senior with Medicare, we have it all covered.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: And when you make an appointment, the consultation always free. There’s no charge to sit and discuss what your health concerns are with one of us. And go over up what your problems are. Then through a careful, comfortable and thorough examination, we’ll figure out what the underlying cause of the problem is. Then will lay out a plan to get you feeling better as fast as possible.

Dr. Allison Gimbert:  Because isn’t that what you really want? Isn’t that what you deserve? To feel your best, perform your best and have no limitations in your lifestyle. Now it’s the perfect time call today we are on mission to help you feel and perform your very best.

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