A reemerging health trend is beginning to gain popularity in parts of the country.  It’s the idea for new urban and community Fitness Courts that have no mechanical equipment, but instead use gravity as the resistance.  If you like to exercise in Palm Coast, this could be you new favorite way to spend you workout outdoors. There are no moving parts to break down, which means these fitness courts last a long time.

This is as basic as it gets.  But sometimes going back to the basics is a great idea.It is aimed at getting more people active while connecting members of the community in new ways.  With people becoming more budget-conscious, some are going back to the roots of exercise and finding a highly effective way of keeping healthy that doesn’t break the bank.

A major advocate of this movement back to low tech exercise is the National Fitness Campaign.  They have just completed a community fitness court in the San Francisco Bay area and are looking to build more to foster a healthier nation.  We would love to see a place in our community for people to come together and stay healthy.  With your help we could even have one built in Palm Coast for exercise and health!

These centers, placed in schools and parks, have durable exercise bars, jump boxes, and pads that can be used for almost any exercise in Palm Coast the imagination can dream up.  Therefore, you can come and go as you please without the need for a membership. The great thing about these fitness locations are open to everyone to use, fostering community interaction and outdoor physical activity.  Groups can meet at the location and using only body weight, get a fantastic workout that will increase brain and heart function while decreasing risk of disease. An entire family could go to the location and have good, clean fun that will be available at any time of day or season.  Here in Palm Coast, that equals a lot of opportunity for use given the our great climate.

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