Chronic Shooting Neck and Arm Pain Healed With Chiropractic


How can chiropractic help shooting pains?

Ashley: The primary problem that brought me to new spring chiropractic was the ongoing pain that I would have in my neck.
And this dates back to when I was in high school which as you could imagine, was several years ago.
But [I was] living with chronic pain in my neck, that would actually shoot down to my shoulder and then through my arm.
That was the primary reason.

Dr. Sean Gimbert: Okay. What other treatments did you try before coming to our clinic?

Ashley: Honestly, treatments that tried or did not try we could say, it was more of me just living with chronic pain. And not really treating it and just thinking like this is how it’s gonna be. Unfortunately, In the past, I have done chiropractic care with different places that I visited or that I lived rather. And I I was know hoping to seek relief and never really got the outcome.

The the physicians here really know what they’re doing. So you know, just kinda putting the faith in and that they know what they’re doing even though it might be a more sensitive area to work on. It started out a little bit slow and then by, like a few weeks I really started noticing differences just overall feeling better. And it was interesting because my husband even noticed. He said “I’m not… Having to, you know, massage your neck as much or your shoulders” so just kind of overall well being also very very positive
Some additional information, I think is important to know is that not all chiropractors are the same. As I mentioned, I have been followed up by chiropractic care for several several years and it kinda gave up hope for several years too. And when I first met Doctor Gimbert and his team, they were super for just really,
really having a family touch to them.
the experience that you get here is really individualized first and foremost. So what my pain was is different than someone else’s that it might have been in the same place. And it just really the care is is very… It’s great. Top notch. So I give it an a plus.

Dr. Sean Gimbert” Okay. Thank you!

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