Chiropractic Pain Sources

Synergy is very important in the body. Organs and tissues must work together in order to maintain optimal health and prevent the development of debilitating conditions. Just as a building must have a firm foundation to withstand the elements, so too must the structural basis of the human be sound to ensure normal function is maintained.

Each organ of the body functions because of nerve input from the brain stem. This is the area of the brain that controls your heart, breathing, and digestion, among other things. But if an imbalance is present in an organ, it can cause certain pain conditions to persist.

The Organ Connection

One such result of an organ imbalance is called the “viscero-somatic reflex.”   This simply means that an organ with a deficiency is sending irritating signals to the spinal nerves and up to the brain. Your brain interprets this correctly as pain but misinterprets what is causing the pain. The brain instead senses the pain is from another source.

A common example of this reflex is the sensation noted during the onset of a heart attack.   Pain or discomfort is commonly felt in their left arm or jaw. Intense pressure on the chest is another sign.  The explanation behind this phenomenon is because the nerves of the heart share common origins with the nerves of the jaw and arm. There are less extreme ways this occurs as well.

Chiropractic Pain Sources are Not Always Straightforward

Upper and lower back pain can be caused by an organ of the chest or abdomen, such as the gallbladder, kidney, and digestive system. In our office, we can screen for organ dysfunction and determine if it is the primary cause of your pain. By correcting the organ problem, many chronic back issues can be resolved. If you have questions or think you may be experiencing this reflex, please contact our office for more information on treatment options.


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