Transcript: Why Kids Under Chiropractic Excel Dr. Sean Gimbert: Let’s go over one of the most common questions we get here. And that is, “why in the world should I get my child’s spine checked?” So we’ve got the neck, the mid back and the low back here.We know that over ninety percent of kids […]

Transcript: Can chiropractic help with mastoiditis? Cherith: My name is Cherith Phillips, and I’m from Johnson City, Tennessee, and I now live in Palm Coast because I got married this year. I started working at New Spring Chiropractic in July of this year twenty twenty. I started going to a chiropractor because ever since I […]

Transcript: How can chiropractic help shooting pains? Ashley: The primary problem that brought me to new spring chiropractic was the ongoing pain that I would have in my neck.And this dates back to when I was in high school which as you could imagine, was several years ago.But [I was] living with chronic pain in […]