Can Chiropractic Help Mastoiditis?


Can chiropractic help with mastoiditis?


My name is Cherith Phillips, and I’m from Johnson City, Tennessee, and I now live in Palm Coast because I got married this year. I started working at New Spring Chiropractic in July of this year twenty twenty. I started going to a chiropractor because ever since I can remember I always have really bad sinus issues, which was always congested everything thing up here and also my ears have always been super sensitive and I’ve been told I have for narrow your canals.

So I guess, it happens more often to me. But in two thousand eighteen, things were getting really bad to the point where I was having ear infections over and over and they kept giving me antibiotics and it just would not completely clear up. And then at one point I getting mastoiditis, which has something to do with on the bone where the ear is. And so it getting worse.

So they sent me to an ear, nose, throat doctor. And basically, you just told me as needed to keep taking antibiotics, which is what I was already doing. So I felt kind of defeated and I was just in so much pain, and it kinda of felt like no one was really listening to what was going on and taking the antibiotics for the rest life really isn’t a great option. The doctor also just told me who’s just allergies and would eventually go away, which I’ve had allergies my whole life and I’ve never had pain like that.

Someone told me, “hey, you know, go to the chiropractor”, which my whole life, I was, like, a chiropractor is for back pain or back problems. And they were like, “you know, it’s actually more for than just your back. It helps other areas.” I had nothing else to lose. So I went to palmer Chiropractic where the students do their clinicals and that was my start of a wonderful journey.

I have found it very important that I get chiropractic care as I’m working here. In the past, I would only get it once every two weeks, and I can feel a difference now that I get my in weekly, if I can get it twice. I like to do that because even if I’m not feeling bad; even if I’m feeling great I have learned over time that if I let it go too long, things start spiraling out of control again.

So it’s really just keeping up with that maintenance. Just like you should be drinking water and eating healthy foods to keep your body going strong, you way till really sick to finally start doing what you should for your body. So I figure it’s the same for your back in your ears, and everything that’s connected.

Since working here, I’ve also been able to bring my husband alone. He had never had chiropractic help before. And he was a little skeptical at first. But now he’s the one who If he misses a week, he’s telling me, “hey, we didn’t get to go last week” and it has improved his posture. He plays viola and trombone. He plays several instruments. And it’s always a lot strain on his neck and shoulders and he has been seeing so much improvement in that and just posture and everything else. So he enjoys it more than I’m do now!

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