With the holidays fast approaching, there will be the inevitable temptations of sweets and calorie laden dishes at every party and gathering, waiting patiently to take your health goals and drag them through the proverbial mud. But fear not! You can beat the bloat. Here are a couple ways to stay ahead and come out of the new year looking AND feeling great.

  1. Eat whole grains. A study showed that eating whole grains on a daily basis resulted in burning an extra 200 calories every day. In essence, pass on anything made with white bread, and choose organic whole grain breads. Sprouted grains are best. Whole grains also help fight constipation and bloating.
  2. Watch your milk intake. Milk is great for growing babies and can help athletes recover post exercise. But milk is designed by nature for GROWTH. If you want to prevent growth in your mid drift, limit your servings and consider nut milks as an alternative.
  3. Skip the elevator. Short yet intense periods of stair climbing (10 minutes) improve your heart and lung function and can help you lose weight and beat the bloat. Hit the stairs at home, work, or on the way to a holiday party. You can break up the duration as well. So devote a few minutes each day to the stairs and start improving your appearance and performance for 2018!Beat-the-bloat
  4. Plan your meals.  Yes, you have been looking forward to Grandma’s famous homemade lasagna and Aunt Susie’s made-from-scratch carrot cake that only makes an appearance once a year.  They will both be a featured item on you dish and you will enjoy them.  But think about your meal before you pick up the serving spoon or pie cutter.  A good rule of thumb you can try is allowing for one normal sized plate for dinner and one small plate for desert.  This limits your serving sizes and makes you choose your favorite dishes, not everything on the table.  Also think about the snacks and cheeses.  They will count the next day!

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