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Chiropractic Health Tips

New Spring Chiropractic wants every patient to reach a higher level of health and maintain better function and feeling.  Being that we are all dynamic and unique individuals, every person does not need the same approach to their health and the care to get back to health.  Realizing this truth, we strive to address complex […]

Structural Correction Video Example

Watch This Video To See An Example of a Structural Correction.   The woman featured in the video reported to the office after falling off a horse and fell on her head.  She developed a number of problems, including mood changes, irritability, neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and chronic pain that would prevent her […]

Precise corrections for low back pain

With all the options available in healthcare today, we are often asked what makes Structural Correction a good choice for certain conditions like low back pain. There are many reasons why we are unique, but a major reason is the analysis we provide on each and every person we see in our office.  A test […]