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Lower cholesterol naturally

  It pumps. It ticks. It pounds when we’re nervous. Whatever attribute you give to the heart, we know that heart health is important in overall health of our cells, tissues, and other organs.  More than ever, we are seeing the effects of an unhealthy heart.  Because people are developing conditions of the heart including […]

Increase Your Range of Motion

Are your joints and muscles causing painful discomfort that limit your ability to do the things you love?  Do you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling no better, or even worse, than when you went to bed the night before?  Is your mobility limited, leaving you with a chronic issue like stiffness or […]

Chiropractic Pain Sources

Synergy is very important in the body. Organs and tissues must work together in order to maintain optimal health and prevent the development of debilitating conditions. Just as a building must have a firm foundation to withstand the elements, so too must the structural basis of the human be sound to ensure normal function is […]

Chiropractic Improves Antioxidant Activity

Antioxidants are a big buzzword today. If you happen to do any causal reading about health and healing, you will likely see the term mentioned. Currently, the major focus is studying which foods that contain antioxidants and what behaviors that can boost the antioxidant activity in the body. The importance of antioxidant activity in the […]

Burn Fat With Your Workout Now

Burn Fat Now! When thinking about which exercise program to choose, there are countless options to consider. Exercise has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, including increased neural connections in your brain, resulting in better cognitive processing of information. I am not so much concerned with which one you choose; my goal is ultimately […]

New Spring Chiropractic Talks Health

Listen to Dr. Sean Gimbert explain his unique approach to healthcare, his educational background, and his philosophy to health! In this “Chamber Chat” interview done by the Flagler Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Gimbert talks health and the options New Spring Chiropractic has in their office to meet different health needs. Dr. Gimbert explains how we […]

Shoulder Pain Palm Coast

Are you or someone you know currently dealing with shoulder pain in Palm Coast or the area?  The experience of a painful shoulder can be caused by different reasons, but they all result in a loss of function and doing the things you love to do on a daily basis.  Whether you’re a professional athlete […]

Exercise in Palm Coast Together

A reemerging health trend is beginning to gain popularity in parts of the country.  It’s the idea for new urban and community Fitness Courts that have no mechanical equipment, but instead use gravity as the resistance.  If you like to exercise in Palm Coast, this could be you new favorite way to spend you workout […]

Sports Chiropractic Boosts Performance

Have you ever wondered why every major league team in the country, as well as all big colleges in in Florida have chiropractors on staff to treat athletes?  The answer is in the goal of the coaches and the well-being of the team.  We now know the benefits of sports chiropractic care and has even […]

Prenatal Chiropractor and Pregnancy

When talking about health for babies and mothers, you’ve likely heard of the importance of B vitamins, namely B9 or Folate.  A prenatal chiropractor will be able to guide you to making wise decisions in your health for the next 9 months of pregnancy and should know the role folate plays in the development of […]