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Why Kids Under Chiropractic Excel

Transcript: Why Kids Under Chiropractic Excel Dr. Sean Gimbert: Let’s go over one of the most common questions we get here. And that is, “why in the world should I get my child’s spine checked?” So we’ve got the neck, the mid back and the low back here.We know that over ninety percent of kids […]

Can Chiropractic Help Mastoiditis?

Transcript: Can chiropractic help with mastoiditis? Cherith: My name is Cherith Phillips, and I’m from Johnson City, Tennessee, and I now live in Palm Coast because I got married this year. I started working at New Spring Chiropractic in July of this year twenty twenty. I started going to a chiropractor because ever since I […]

Do These 3 Things and Speed Up Recovery

Transcript: Heal faster by doing these 3 things: Dr. Sean Gimbert: Hey! Dr. Sean here, and I wanna go over three simple, yet super effective things that you can do after an injury to help you get better faster. And the first thing is so easy yet so many people do not practice this, and […]

What To Do After A Car Accident

Transcript: What To Do After A Car Accident: Small Damages ≠ Small Injuries Dr. Sean Gimbert: Hey! It’s Doctor Gimbert here. Today we’re gonna be talking about what exactly gonna to do after a car accident, regardless of what your insurance company might have told you. And specifically, we’re gonna be talking about the concept […]