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Chiropractic Reduces Stress Hormones

Our bodies have incredible ways to regulate homeostasis and prevent illness and disease.  One of the most important ways it does that it through the Endocrine system.  And I’m going to show you how the chiropractic adjustment undoubtedly influences the Endocrine system. The Endocrine system is responsible for hormone production and regulation.  It’s often called […]

Chiropractic Pediatrics Palm Coast

Every parent wants a healthy child. Our children are the closest family to us. They are our own flesh and blood. We would do anything to ensure success for our kids. But the problem is, with all the information we have at our fingertips, how do we know the best way to help them when […]

Why is Stretching Important?

Stretching tips and myths debunked for greater spinal health. Stretching has been touted for it’s many benefits, some of which are true and some that are not-so-true.  Do you know why we should stretch, and for what reasons?  Here are some things to consider before doing your favorite sport or activity. Warming up before an […]