Beat The Bloat During The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, there will be the inevitable temptations of sweets and calorie laden dishes at every party and gathering, waiting patiently to take your health goals and drag them through the proverbial mud. But fear not! You can beat the bloat. Here are a couple ways to stay ahead and come out of the new year looking AND feeling great.

  1. Eat whole grains. A study showed that eating whole grains on a daily basis resulted in burning an extra 200 calories every day. In essence, pass on anything made with white bread, and choose organic whole grain breads. Sprouted grains are best. Whole grains also help fight constipation and bloating.
  2. Watch your milk intake. Milk is great for growing babies and can help athletes recover post exercise. But milk is designed by nature for GROWTH. If you want to prevent growth in your mid drift, limit your servings and consider nut milks as an alternative.
  3. Skip the elevator. Short yet intense periods of stair climbing (10 minutes) improve your heart and lung function and can help you lose weight and beat the bloat. Hit the stairs at home, work, or on the way to a holiday party. You can break up the duration as well. So devote a few minutes each day to the stairs and start improving your appearance and performance for 2018!Beat-the-bloat
  4. Plan your meals.  Yes, you have been looking forward to Grandma’s famous homemade lasagna and Aunt Susie’s made-from-scratch carrot cake that only makes an appearance once a year.  They will both be a featured item on you dish and you will enjoy them.  But think about your meal before you pick up the serving spoon or pie cutter.  A good rule of thumb you can try is allowing for one normal sized plate for dinner and one small plate for desert.  This limits your serving sizes and makes you choose your favorite dishes, not everything on the table.  Also think about the snacks and cheeses.  They will count the next day!

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Resistance Band Training Rehab Exercises

As a part of complete Structural Correction, often times complimentary recommendations will be made by your doctor. During the course of the initial phase of care, he or she may prescribe rehabilitation exercises designed to strength focused areas of the body that require retraining due to an injury or condition. Some may consist of movements with resistance coming from your body weight against gravity. Lunges are a great example of a simple yet great exercise to help with the recovery of certain back conditions. Other exercises may require additional resistance beyond your body weight. Resistance band training can be an effective way to rehab neck, shoulder, knee, upper back and low back conditions.

Resistance bands are rehab and exercise equipment that give steady resistance throughout the specific exercise performed. They usually consist of either rubberized bands or elastic cables with handle attachments. The advantage of a resistance band for rehab over traditional dumbbells is three-fold.

First, resistance bands are compact and easy to use no matter what your skill level may be. Worried about getting off track with your rehab program while traveling? Bands are easy to pack and take up little room. They can easily be used in a hotel room or while on the road.

Second, resistance bands allow for very specific rehab movements as compared to dumbbells that results in better use of your time. Instead of having resistance from one direction as is the case with a dumbbell, resistance bands allow multiple areas of the body to be rehabilitated with one functional movement. Athletes commonly use functional movement exercises to boost performance. They can also be an important recommendation to prevent structural shifts from returning after your adjustments.  Here is one exercise we use incorporating resistance bands:

“Resistance bands are compact and easy to use no matter what your skill level”


Third, resistance band training allows for continuous resistance throughout the exercises prescribed to you. Continuous resistance engages your muscles while contracting and releasing. You can also hold the movement with the band stretched to add an additional element to the rehab of the injured area. This results in better overall stabilization to injured or underworked areas initially determined by your doctor.

We have an array of bands to choose from at our office. They are the most advanced and effective bands for structural rehab because of their hand and foot holds. We have developed a video series available to our patients to guide you through the exercises. Ask to see our selection on your next visit!

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Fight against cancer cells naturally


Do you or someone you know take aspirin on a regular basis for the prevention of disease? The answer is likely yes. The benefits of aspirin and the compounds contained in it it have been extensively studied. The result of digesting aspirin creates salicylic acid (SA). This is the active component contained in aspirin that helps decrease inflammation and can help cells from becoming cancerous. The fact though, is that nature is full of foods containing SA that fight cancer cells naturally!

Salicylic acid is found abundantly in fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices contain the highest concentrations. Chili powder, paprika, and turmeric contain significant amount of SA, but cumin provides more than any other spice. It has been determined that eating a teaspoon of cumin is like taking a baby aspirin! Plus, cumin has none of the potentially harmful side effects of aspirin.

Cumin is a powerful spice that can help prevent uncontrolled cell growth.

Cumin is a spice that is commonly found in Eastern foods including Indian cuisine. Studies done on Indian culture an incidence of cancer is astounding. Indian populations, who eat substantial amount of spices containing SA have much lower rates of colorectal cancer that is ascribed in part to high exposure to dietary SA throughout life from eating spices.

It is important to note that vegetables also contain other important organic acids that behave in similar ways to Salicylic acid.  Enough emphasis cannot not be put on the positive effects of a diet rich in vegetables.

Protection from cancer begins with healthy lifestyle choices. First and foremost, get adjusted when recommended by your doctor. The body cannot function optimally without proper alignment. Be sure to reach for organic vegetables and whole grains over processed alternatives, and consider adding these spices to your recipes to fight cancer cells naturally.



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