Chiropractic Pain Sources

Synergy is very important in the body. Organs and tissues must work together in order to maintain optimal health and prevent the development of debilitating conditions. Just as a building must have a firm foundation to withstand the elements, so too must the structural basis of the human be sound to ensure normal function is maintained.

Each organ of the body functions because of nerve input from the brain stem. This is the area of the brain that controls your heart, breathing, and digestion, among other things. But if an imbalance is present in an organ, it can cause certain pain conditions to persist.

The Organ Connection

One such result of an organ imbalance is called the “viscero-somatic reflex.”   This simply means that an organ with a deficiency is sending irritating signals to the spinal nerves and up to the brain. Your brain interprets this correctly as pain but misinterprets what is causing the pain. The brain instead senses the pain is from another source.

A common example of this reflex is the sensation noted during the onset of a heart attack.   Pain or discomfort is commonly felt in their left arm or jaw. Intense pressure on the chest is another sign.  The explanation behind this phenomenon is because the nerves of the heart share common origins with the nerves of the jaw and arm. There are less extreme ways this occurs as well.

Chiropractic Pain Sources are Not Always Straightforward

Upper and lower back pain can be caused by an organ of the chest or abdomen, such as the gallbladder, kidney, and digestive system. In our office, we can screen for organ dysfunction and determine if it is the primary cause of your pain. By correcting the organ problem, many chronic back issues can be resolved. If you have questions or think you may be experiencing this reflex, please contact our office for more information on treatment options.


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Chiropractic Improves Antioxidant Activity

Antioxidants are a big buzzword today. If you happen to do any causal reading about health and healing, you will likely see the term mentioned. Currently, the major focus is studying which foods that contain antioxidants and what behaviors that can boost the antioxidant activity in the body. The importance of antioxidant activity in the body is essential and cannot be overstated. But you may be asking, “What do they really do?”

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as, “not merely the absence of disease [symptoms]” but complete well being. Based on this, it would be unwise to merely focus of symptoms as a gauge to health. We refer to “symptoms” as Secondary Conditions because they are the physical manifestation of deeper underlying cause. It is therefore vital to base our care on underlying FUNCTION rather than solely on how a patient is feeling. Function can measured in more than one way. We use functional testing during each visit to measure improvements from treatment. But did you know that Antioxidant activity can also be positively affected by Structural Chiropractic Care?

Your Cells Will Thank You

DNA is the genetic blueprints of our cells, providing information needed for growth and repair. Housed in the center of the cell, they ensure that the cell functions properly. DNA, however, is susceptible to damage from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Free radicals are why antioxidants are needed in the body. Without them, free radicals react with healthy cells and cause mutations. Mutations prevent important activity, one of which is DNA repair.

Through exposure to things in the environment and metabolic activity, our bodies experience stress. A properly functioning cell is able to adapt and eliminate stress from free radicals through repair mechanisms contained within the DNA. Serum thiols in blood samples are a way to measure this DNA repair activity.

Chiropractic Improves Antioxidant Enzyme Activity

There is now science behind the chiropractic-antioxidant connection.  In one scientific study, serum thiols were measured in asymptomatic chiropractic patients, and those who were not under chiropractic care. It was found that patients under long-term chiropractic care had higher levels of serum thiol. This shows DNA repair was more active in chiropractic patients than those who were not under regular care.

DNA repair essential to prevent accelerated aging. Protection care in our office is not only recommended because we want you feeling better, but because we know your cells can function to a higher potential. Healthy cells mean healthy organs, bones, and tissues.


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Burn Fat With Your Workout Now

Burn Fat Now!

When thinking about which exercise program to choose, there are countless options to consider. Exercise has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, including increased neural connections in your brain, resulting in better cognitive processing of information. I am not so much concerned with which one you choose; my goal is ultimately to see everyone find the program that best suits the individual. As long as your routine promotes health, I am happy. But one thing people often want to achieve from exercise is how to burn fat and keep it off.

Maintaining a healthy percentage of body fat is an important component in overall health. With growing concern of obesity in America, it is worth discussing ways to add a spark to your workout to target fat burn. One such way is adding free weight exercises to your current routine.

Free weight exercises help to build lean muscle and burn lots of energy. Lean muscle is important because it burns more energy than fat after a workout. The amount of calories lean muscle burns compared to fat is much higher and increases your metabolism after exercise. Muscles have this effect because of the recovery process that rebuilds damaged muscle using stored energy of the body, much of which is fat stores. This means if you change nothing other than incorporating targeted weight training, you will burn fat by using more energy for hours or possibly days after the workout.

Not wanting to give up your cardio? There is no need. You can start your workout with a mile of cardio to warm up your muscles. Plus, vigorous free weight training will increase your heart rate, giving you the benefits of a traditional cardio workout.

So if targeting fat is your goal, choosing large muscle groups will burn more calories and help deplete fat stores. Squats, lunges, bench press and overhead pulls are just a few of the exercises to consider, as long as your doctor says it is safe.


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