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What is Chiropractic?

Learn about chiropractic and our unique approach to your health.

Our Services

Meeting your health goals is our # 1 focus.  Our unique approach to patient care is individualized based on your needs.

Our Focus

At New Spring Chiropractic we focus on Structural Correction and Structural Chiropractic. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality care and best Structural Chiropractic services to our patients and their families each and every visit. Through our specific approach and use of the most reliable, objective diagnostic tools, we never guess with your health. Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to find out more about our treatment options and schedule a complementary consultation with a doctor to discuss your needs.

Backed By Research

A study was published with a team of researchers in the Human Journal of Hypertension proving that one specific chiropractic adjustment to the neck had the same effect as two blood pressure-lowering drugs.

Neurologic Conditions

Research is being conducted implementing upright MRI  imaging which shows how specific  structural adjustments to the neck affect various brain-based conditions. The results patients have experienced so far have been very promising and are continuing at this time.

Relief from Acute Injuries

Relief from Chronic Conditions

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What can New Spring Chiropractic Do for Me?

Today’s medical field offers a wide variety of treatment options.
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Meet your Doctor and Staff

Drs. Sean and Allison Gimbert and our knowledgeable  staff are excited to do everything they can to help you reach all your health goals.
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Health & Wellness

Invest in your health!  Learn about Corrective Chiropractic Care from our Health Library.
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We’re Serious About Your Health

Drs. Sean and Allison Gimbert and all the staff at New Spring Chiropractic take your health and your conditions very seriously.

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